Training our future JMOs – The Riverina Cardiology Clinical Skills Day

On Saturday April 28th, 2018 over 60 Medical Students from around the country (but largely the Riverina) presented nervous to a Clinical Skills Day. The morning was a rigorous 15 stations of 10 clinical examinations, 3 biomedical science stations and 2 live viva presentations as well as an intense 30 minute MCQ examination. We had some truly fascinating presentations including dextrocardia, myotonic dystrophy and osteogenesis imperfecta. The medical students performed brilliantly particularly in the face of such difficult physicians level exam cases.

Following the trial exam there was a focussed feedback session and a time for networking between current doctors and future doctors. We were joined by a number of high school students who could see the teaching and learning of medicine in progress, a taste of the quality of rural education.

We finished up the day in classic country style with some croquet, drinks and great pizzas at one of the local producers farms, Sarsfield Park. The exam provided a brilliant trial for their final exams but moreover for their medical future!

A huge congratulations to the winner of the Riverina Golden Heart Award, Tim Bemand. A truely fantastic performance in the exam.

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